There are various way to advertise - to blow your own horn

Walk around the streets covered in an A-Frame

Do a letterbox drop - a promo flyer

Ask your friends if they would mind being on your list

Advertise your internet marketing offers on your FB page  or  Pinterest board

Advertise your internet marketing offers on your YouTube channel

You could buy a bunch of email addresses to send out a bulk email.  Be careful of solo-ad

sellers who don't send the actual email addresses to you but tell you - yes - we have sent out

emails to 250 or 500 or whatever people. They may have done so, but you still don't know

who the email addressees are - - so how are you going to follow up with another email?

ANSWER: Get a webpage - with a landing page attached (see info box below) - and on the very 

front page of your website you can offer something of value - for free - providing the viewer emails you - and in return you will send them a video / a .pdf / a powerpoint / a link to somewhere.  Now you have someone's email - someone who is interested in what you are offering.  Be prepared to 

give stuff away - for $zip.  

So what exactly are you promoting?

You should be ready with one or two really great "biz-opp"  digital opportunities for which you have an affiliate link.  Social media (where you place an ad)   don't like you using any link other than one to a website - hopefully yours.  At the moment (until the loophole is closed)  you can advertise an offer on FBook by leaving a space just before the [dot] com.  The algorithm doesn't see anything amiss.   But!!  Make sure the link in social media - with clever inviting wording - is directing the viewer to your  landing page.  [See info box below] 

You need to build trust

How many people in the world know you, or have heard of you?   Chances are it would be less than a couple of hundred.  There are nearly 8 billion souls living on Planet Earth - most of whom use the internet. These are your potential customers but they have no idea who you are - your business background - or if you can be trusted.  No-one wants to do business with someone they have never met or exchanged emails with.   Be genuine.  Be true to your word.  Be patient.  If possible, give potential customers a phone call or make contact via Skype.  

Building a landing page

This is the first port of call for anyone interested in what you are selling.  The landing page will extract the viewer's email address  (super important for building your list)  -  and then direct the viewer onto your affiliate-link's offer.  The easy way to do this is to ask your webpage hosting outfit to sort things out for you. Believe me, it will be cheaper than signing up to someething like or  which end up with fixed monthly costs.