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Here’s the thing

You can have all the latest and greatest offers (to promote), but without taking action you will not sell anything.  Maybe you yourself have a digital product to sell – great! The internet is a great way to sell stuff. 

If you are selling software,  start by filtering out all the current offers you have (bling)  and settle on one product you are going to promote. Leave the others until a later date. They will still be there.  Your email inbox is being flooded with more and more offers to promote someone’s new software product – ignore / delete / unsubscribe  to give you room to think.  Just stay focused on one product and associated emails. 

All the DFY (done for you) products come with mountains of videos you need to watch. These are self-learning courses.  No hand holding. In fact, it’s difficult to get someone to hold your hand and show you the ropes. Don’t panic – it’s all good stuff.

Join like-minded groups on Facebook and YouTube – read their posts. 

Start up a ‘board’ in Pinterest – do this by first of all creating a ‘pin’ – you will then be asked to select a ‘board’ to be a part of.  There are boards called Make Money Online, Home Based Business, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing … you get the idea.

You can also dip your toes in those other big pools:  YouTube (make some videos of yourself)  and  Facebook   and  Google Ads.  Don’t get sucked in to a monthly billing fee.  There are free options out there. 

So .. select a product to promote –   apply for your affiiliate link to sell/promote this product – advertise the product with your affiliate link embedded in the ‘call to action’ button – and drive potential customers to your offer. If someone goes through to the purchase page, you get a commission.   

Starting an online marketing business is exciting, hard work, definitely worthwhile. 

Next Steps…

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